The ReddFish team



Brendan Tuohy

One of the founders of ReddFish in 1987, Brendan previously worked for the Trade Union Education Authority and the Council of Trade Unions. A programmer with extensive experience in a number of computer languages, Brendan also provides considerable networking and general computing knowledge to the ReddFish team.


Sam Murray

Also a founding ReddFish partner in 1987, her work has included client liaison, administration, user training, and consultancy for clients wanting computer and network upgrades. Sam's contribution is now predominantly as the company manager, making sure Reddfish delivers what we promise.




Barbara Wallace

Joining the team in 2004, Barbara's work at Reddfish includes project management, user interface development, data management, usability testing and training. As the primary client contact for the initial Kupenga development while employed at PPTA, Barbara has been involved with the Kupenga database product since the late 1990's.


Greg Ford

A long time partner at ReddFish, Greg now works on a consultancy basis, in the main dealing with Maori language and educational software.


Boris Goray

Previously a ReddFish partner, Boris now works on a consultancy basis as a programmer.

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